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LocaLocal's Culinary Tours

My Tours are the Beating Heart of LocaLocal, and They're Where it All Started

When I first opened LocaLocal my dream was to give tours and cooking classes at the Carmel Market and the Kerem HaTeimanin (Yemenite vineyard neighborhood), the place where I immediately felt at home when I just moved o Tel Aviv. I wanted to share my experience as a local with those who want to get to know the area, let them taste all the foods I love , and show them the magical hidden corners I know.

On my tours it's important to me to present the local point of view, of people who live and work in it and tell their story. It's also important to me to keep their quality of life and the character of the place we'll visit, so the tours are in small groups, so we won't harm the authentic life and culture we ​​came to experience.

 The food we'll taste is an integral part of LocaLocal's tours since there's no better way to get to know a place than through your taste buds. We'll combine well-known and popular places not to be missed with hidden places that only the locals know. The tours can also suit vegetarians and vegans, just mention it when booking.

Tasting tour - Carmel Market and Kerem HaTeimanim

The Market is an integral part of the Kerem neighborhood so changes in one directly affect the other.

On the tour, we'll touch the history and heritage of them on the one hand, and on the other hand, we'll get to the top trendy places, we'll taste traditional dishes from Yemenite cuisine and the most innovative and innovative dishes that the market has to offer.


Tours are on Sundays-Thursdays, morning or afternoon

English and Hebrew

Coming soon - Lewinsky Market

Lewinsky Market in Florentine neighborhood is a bustling pedestrian zone that offers spice and legume shops, delicacies, and lots of places to hang out.

Coming Soon - the Market and Kerem Nights

Although the Carmel Market and Kerem HaTeimanim are bustling places during the day, they're also a great part of Tel Aviv's nightlife.

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Days and Working Hours: 


Sundays - Thursdays

Morning or Afternoon

Night tour will be in the evening

Fridays - By appointment only

Saturday - No tours

General Tours Information:

  • Available in English or Hebrew

  • Vegetarian and Vegan Options

  • Pre-registration only

    Small groups

  • Private Tours are also Available

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