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Food Tours: The Perfect Way to Experience a Destination

From the vibrant lanes of the Carmel Market and the Yemenite Vinyard to the enchanting Levinsky Market and Florentine neighborhood, LocaLocal sprang to life with the vision of offering unique food tours that will help you discover the true nature of Tel Aviv. I invite you to explore the essence of these areas, relish the flavors close to my heart, and unveil the enchanting, lesser-known corners that make Tel Aviv truly magical. 

In every tour, I'm committed to telling the local history and presenting the local culture and perspective, the narrative told by those who call these streets home. Preserving the quality of life and the distinctive character of each visited spot is paramount. Therefore, the tours are held in intimate small groups ensuring a minimal impact on the authentic rhythm and culture we've come to celebrate.

At LocaLocal, food is not merely a component; it's an integral part of our tours. Since there's no better way to navigate a place than using your taste buds. We'll blend must-visit spots with secret gems known only to the locals. The culinary journey caters to diverse palates, accommodating vegetarians and vegans, just let us know when booking your adventure. Join me, and let's explore Tel Aviv's culinary together!

Decorative watermelon
A Falafel tasting at Carmel market

Carmel Market & the Yemenite Vinyard

​Discover the heart of Tel Aviv's culinary scene with a visit to the Carmel Market, an iconic institution that stands as the largest and most historic food market in the city.
The tour offers an opportunity to experience the vibrant atmosphere of the market and the picturesque Kerem Hatimen neighborhood. Go on a delightful culinary adventure, taste a rich variety of authentic and innovative Israeli dishes.
Join a delicious, educational and fun journey that will leave you with unforgettable memories of Tel Aviv's culinary heritage.

Levinski Market

Levinsky Market in Tel Aviv, a historical gem that dates back to the 1930s, located in the colorful Florentine neighborhood. Founded by Greek immigrants and was enriched with Turkish and Persian influences, and later developed into a vibrant culinary destination with a wide variety of food and places of entertainment.

Levinsky market offers an endless variety of delicatessens with special delicacies, spice shops, and charming boutique shops, and therefore has become a foodie's paradise for locals, tourists, and foodies alike.

The view of Levinski market from a shop
HaTikva market entrance

HaTikva Market - Coming Soon!

On the other side of Ayalon Road, in East Tel Aviv, is the most authentic market in the city! HaTikva market is the beating heart of HaTikva neighborhood, a market that was established in the late 1930s and is an integral part of the neighborhood.

Today you can find in the market diverse ethnic restaurants, showing the variety of the residents of the neighborhood, high-quality foods and goods, bakeries, bars, the best vegetables and fruits in the city, and many other surprises for culinary enthusiasts.

A tasting at a deli

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