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Hi, I'm Tal Goring, and I'm behind LocaLocal, which is actually a dream come true.

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I love a lot of things in life, but food and the city of Tel Aviv are at the top of my list. I always wanted to give people from all over the world a way to experience the amazing flavors that Tel Aviv has, until I finally decided to make my dream come true and created LocaLocal.

In 2019 I left the world of employees and decided to embark on a new path as a self-employed person. I started a business that combined my two loves, food and tourism, where I did culinary tours and cooking workshops for tourists in the Carmel market and the Yemenite quarter (Kerem HaTeimanim) in Tel Aviv.

Like many, the year 2020 and the spread of the corona devoured my cards, eliminated incoming tourism and so I was left with a love of food and a desire to spread the foods I prepare.

I decided to change direction and I now also make boxes of delicious and healthy food that I create from the best fresh ingredients from the Carmel market (and some from the Lewinsky market) from stores that are small (and family) businesses and most importantly local businesses here in the city.


I make sure that the food I make will be of a with fresh and quality ingredients, nutritious and of course healthy on the one hand, and on the other hand easy, accessible and simple.

My boxes contain a variety of delicacies that I make myself (with a few super tasty toppings that I buy from others), the heart of the packages are my spreads, vegan spreads without preservatives that I started selling when I was a student (and I still use the same recipes with innovations I learn and improve) I pack everything with lots of love while paying attention to the small details.



In the culinary experience it is important to me that you get the local point of view, if it is the food ingredients and dishes tasted, ofthe people who prepare or sell it and learn the story behind the food from my local point of view.

Watch me tell the story of LocaLocal at a conference in honor of WIZO's Women's Day

צפו בי מספרת את הסיפור של לוקה לוקאל בכנס לכבוד יום האישה של ויצ״ו

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