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About LocaLocal

Going to a new and unfamiliar destination is a great and stimulating experience. Everything’s new, different from what you know from home, and all the time there is a feeling that there is a lot more to discover and to know: What’s the story behind the place? Who are the local people that live there? What’s on the local's minds in their day-to-day life? What bothers them? What do they like where they live?


For me, the subject of local food is always a big part - What's the local food? What do the locals eat (it's not always the same)? What are the locally grown vegetables and fruits? What spices are used in this area?


These are the things that guide me at LocaLocal, and this is actually the purpose of the tours - to give you the local point of view, to tell the story of the place, and to mediate everything through the food - because in Tel Aviv this is the best, most delicious and fun way to experience everything. In the tours, we will combine well-known and popular places that should not be missed, and hidden places that only the locals know about.


In order to present the perspectives of those who live the place, those who live or work there, and to tell their story, it is important to preserve the quality of life of the residents and the place we will tour, therefore the tours are held in small groups, so that we do not damage the authentic fabric of life that we came to experience.


So come curious and mainly hungry!

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Tal Goring, and I am the woman behind LocaLocal.

I grew up in Jerusalem in a family where food was always an important thing, after all, I myself am the 4th generation of amazing home cooks, and from a young age, I was exposed to different cuisines and different tastes. As the daughter of archaeologist parents, the history and story of places always attracted me, and the trips I took to different parts of the world attracted me to encounters between cultures, with the highlight being my MA degree in anthropology where I studied the encounter between locals and tourists in Sri Lanka.


The anthropological point of view and the historical story of each place accompany me today and led me in 2019 to found LocaLocal, as a dream to share my experience as a local with those who want to get to know the area, to let them taste all the foods I love the most, to bring them together with the people who work and live in an area and to show them the most magical and hidden corners that I know, and of course, also get to know those who are touring with me!


Today, the tours I offer were built after a lot of thought and getting to know the place, meetings with the local residents and the workers there in an attempt to tell the story of the place in the most authentic way.


So Yalla, join me on the tour!


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